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A successful holiday for young and old alike

Small and large guests can enjoy your holiday in the Kitzbühel Alps, really, because the family-friendly holiday region has everything to do with games, fun, relaxation and excitement. Here you will find many interesting excursions into the surrounding area, more fun and outdoor swimming pools and bathing lakes, Special Programs & Schools for children, Free carriage lift for beginners and much more. More information is available at the tourist office of Kirchberg. Here is a small selection of excursions ...

Familienkneipp in Kirchberg

invigorating fresh mountain spring water
permanently open (mid May - mid October)
every Monday Kneipp treatments with coach Gabi (in the summer)
accessible by car or public bus (parking)
Best starting point for hiking and cycling
Guesthouses and mountain huts with Tyrolean specialties in the immediate surroundings
A lap of the Kneipp facility in Aschau by fresh mountain spring water is the ideal addition to a strenuous hike or mountain bike ride. The Kneipp facility is also ideally placed just letting your soul and re-energize.
Even a day with the family at the Kneipp facility in Aschau an experience!
Impressive mountain panorama, classic Kneipp pool, a fountain with fresh spring water, reflexology, arm and circulation pools, Kneipp children with waterwheel, trail, wading pool and 2 classic Kneipp pools
Every Monday in the summer are vital coach Gabi valuable tips on the right Kneipp technique.
Time: 13.15 - 14.45 clock
Meeting point: 13.15 clock in the Kneipp Aschau

Ellmis Zauberwelt

Ellmi's magical world presents itself as a mountain experience with ever new surprises in a fascinating nature. Enters the "Magic Express" and reached in just 7 minutes. the Hartkaiserbahn where you will be especially welcomed by the magic frog "Ellmi" of a mystical fantasy world of fairies, goblins and forest spirits but. Its Nature and Adventure Park will lead you through our colorful flora and fauna through and who knows, maybe one or the other could still add some of his expertise!
What you can look forward: playground, nature trails, observation tower, Rübezahlweg, Schnitzer Cottage, Botanical Garden, Imperial box, Mysterious Stone, Wally the wise owl, Stoamandlweg, band, rock garden, the petrified shepherd, tree of lost souls, Aerie, Photo Tree, full of surprises ...
Contact: Sportcenter A-6352 Ellmau Ellmau, Weißbachgraben 5, Telephone: +43 5358 2320-0

Hexenwasser in Söll

Mud pools and water channels, reservoirs, climbing ponds, fire pits (more than 60 stations) can certainly not bored young and perhaps also in Old. You can get some inspiration or enjoy a massage on Austria's longest "barefoot" over grass, bark and stones reflex zones located either in the hydrotherapy pool. Another highlight is the unique panoramic views of the Hohe Salve on 70 peaks over 3,000 m. The view gets even more interesting by the first revolving panoramic terrace of Austria, a wind harp and sundial 15 stations.
Contact: Bergbahn Hochsöll, Stampfanger 21, A-6306 Söll, Telephone: +43 5333 52 60

Kaiser Welt Scheffau

The Kaiser Scheffau is located at 1,650 m above sea level. Specifically, between the mountain station of the 8-person gondola Scheffau Brandstadlbahn and the mountain restaurant Brandstadlbahn. On a dome, both large and small children can play to their heart's content. There the Emperor expects its Krönlinge to jointly perform the many tasks with you. Through the castle gate leads into the adjacent forest emperor. Here it is on the castle wall, the climbing wall, and to insist on different tree houses and play equipment countless adventures and explore the secrets of the forest.
Physical well-being will be taken care Brandstadlbahn in the mountain restaurant. And cooked either Tyrolean cuisine, as well internaionale kitchen. On the large sun terrace with views of the mountain massif of the "Wilder Kaiser" on one side and the Hohe Tauern on the other hand, our guests can enjoy the fresh mountain air and the panoramic view.
Contact: Bergbahn Scheffau, Schwarzach 2, A-6351 Scheffau, Telephone: +43 5358 81 53

Magical Filzalmsee

A gondola takes guests directly from the comfort of Brixen im Thale Brixen on high, from where after 5 min. Walking reveals the world of Filzalmsees. Around the idyllic Filzalmsee, the visitor presents a fascinating alpine landscape in which there is a lot to discover and explore. Release the life in the pond such as in the immediately applied next to the lake habitat in which insight shafts or a giant hand, which can be moved with ropes, a giant eye that turns everything on its head and the mystical water giant who mysteriously up out of the lake rises . Who exactly look around the surrounding nature, as discovered some natural history feature, because the Filzalm is surrounded by a bog, thriving in the special plants and rare animals. Popular and frequently visited at Filzalmsee not only of families and hikers, also Nordic walkers and mountain bikers use the area of the Filzalmsees happy for a long break to enjoy the beautiful views in peace or the for the next stage in Moortretbecken or Watbereich to refresh biotope system. Above the Filzalmsees is a rustic mountain lodge, where you can enjoy with the typical home cooking and fresh milk from the farm and mountain cheese. An extensive trail system connects the water Hochsöll Filzalmsee with the witches, the Hohe Salve, Jochstub'n the lake and the Emperor in Scheffau.
Contact: Bergbahn Brixen im Thale, A-6364 Brixen im Thale, Telephone: +43 5334 8507

Alpinolino Westendorf Choralpe

Exciting adventures with the "sly" Little "smart aleck" the Alpinolino welcomes children already at the top station of the gondola on Talkaser and passed through the exciting staged Alpine landscape around the Choralpe on which hides so many gimmicks celled mystery. Under the motto: Play, explore and discover many stations are installed on a 1.5 km long trail, where you try, for example, his smell and touch, marmots, compete in the long jump or race or even with a rate-telescope can espy mountain peaks and different places. Exciting Choralpe is for adults, but it is one of the most beautiful views of the Kitzbühel Alps mountains and lush with beautiful landscapes. On a clear reveal themselves in the south of the Hohe Tauern with Grossglockner and Grossvenediger and in the north the mountain massif of the Wilder Kaiser. From Talkaser to offer a hike to Brechhornhaus, which is close to the "Kreuzjöchlsee", a beautiful and idyllic mountain lake is located.
Contact: Bergbahn Westendorf, A-6363 Westendorf, Bergliftstr. 18, Telephone +43 5334 2000

Wildpark Aurach

Visit The Set in a stunning landscape wildlife park Aurach, the main location for the home movies with Hansi Hinterseer. Here, at 1080m altitude on the sunny slopes of the Brander court, is this one in Tyrol Wildlife Park where you kapitales deer, fallow deer, ibex, wild sheep, yaks from Tibet, lynx, wild boars, kangaroos, Berber monkeys, owls, grouse, but also tame for find children.
You can experience here, contact with animals, which few of us have ever encountered in the wild. Photographing and filming as much as you want. A wonderful hiking trail leads through the Tyrol's largest enclosure (40 ha), which is surrounded by the romantic scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps. The highlight is the deer feeding at 14.30 clock, a spectacle of nature. Children have their own playground.
From Aurach near Kitzbühel lead a comfortable hiking trail (45 min.) And a road (4 km) to the wildlife park.
Contact: Familie Pletzer, 6370 Aurach bei Kitzbühel, Telephone: +43 5356 65251
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