Discover the "new desire for wandering"!

Explore with your family and friends the "new desire for wandering" on the numerous trails and abwechlungsreichen im Brixental! The romantic mountain landscape with its meadows, forests and pastures opens up the wanderer in all degrees of difficulty in and around the Brixen Valley.

No. 1) Peterbrünnl (850 m) very easy circular walk

By the Tourist Board from the left along the main road - to the pizzeria Daxer pitcher left into Reithergasse - at the end of the street turn left into the pedestrian underpass - the trail left to the top and on the forest through the forest to Peterbrünnl - after Peterbrünnl right through the forest on the Weinbergweg - the Berghof wine left along the creek back to the center. Alternative No. 9): When wine Berghof right on the Wehrbachweg to Sonnbergweg and right down to the hamlet Spertendorf - the main road to the left - in front of the chapel to the right on the way towards the station - after the train station on the main road back to the center.
Walking time: about 50 minutes
Walking Peterbrünnl and Spertendorf: 1 hour 20 minutes

No. 2) Gauxerbauer (918 m) simple forest and meadow hike

From the center of the church and continue to the lake - around the lake on the left - through the woods and across a field towards Wötzing - through the farm settlement to the road (on the right board Küchl) - right to Brandseitgraben up - past the turnoff to Mountain Jam attic - right to Gauxerbauern - at the chapel over - over the meadow to the farms and sub​​-Obertann - back to Kirchberg.
Walking time: about 1.5 hours

No. 5 & 7) Gaisberg (1,770 m)

About Kirchangerweg past the Kirchanger Chapel - Waldhof - steep climb through the forest - Plattlhof - through beautiful meadows to the mountain station of the Gaisberg Chairlift - keep left uphill to Bärstättalm - behind the hut on mountain pastures to the summit - then on the Gaisbergjoch - short, steep descent the Nagillersteig - at the Harlassangerkapelle (Visitation) over to Kobingerhütte - on a relatively flat path back to Bärstättalm - Gaisberg chairlift - on Gaisbergstüberl over and above the forest / toboggan run downhill to the inn Obergaisberg - downhill and at the Kirchanger chapel and back to Kirchberg.
Walking time: 5 hours

No. 8) Brechhorn (2,037 m)

To Kobingerhütte Refer walking route 7 (mountain station Gaisberg Chairlift, Bärstättalm, Kobingerhütte) - on a forest road past the Lichteneggalm - continue rising slightly at the foot of Gampe Kogel - under the gondola Ki-West on via Streitschlagalm to Kreuzjöchlsee - Brechhornhaus - only slightly down, then steep climb on a rocky road to Schledererkopf - steadily upwards in small bogs and mountain past fields - to the summit of the crushing horn on a narrow ridge (Caution when wet!) - back and back over the Gaisberg or 10 min before the Brechhornhaus right towards Brügglbach on the forest valley.
Walking from the mountain station of the Gaisberg Chairlift: about 4 ½ hours Descent from Brechhornhaus: about 2 hours

No. 9) Rauher Kopf (1.580 m)

From the center of the underpass at the inn Kalswirt - on the vineyard path of the stream - right on a steep road towards Filzerhof - via Wieshof on a meadow past the Fragenstättbauer (farm tour on Wednesday: Registration at the Tourist!) - On the meadow next to the Sonnbergstraße - Gasthof Filzerhof - on the forest through the woods towards Rough head - the last stretch over roots and small bogs to the summit - descend on mountain pasture Auer and Ruetzen back to Kirchberg.
Takes about 3 ½ hours

No. 11, 13 & 47) Pengelstein (1,938 m)

From Maierl-1 parking lot past the Röhrermoos and Grillingbauer - through the forest to the mountain inn Krin - on the road towards Gasthof Maierl - over forest and Almwege to Ochsalm (ascent to Ochsalm is also across the street from Schirast up possible ) - at the base of the Maierl-3-lift on the Kaser and right next to the inn Hochbrunn - along the path to eagle Jufenkamm and Jufenalm - easy hike along the ridge to the Pengelstein - possibility to descend on the Hiesleggalm.
Walking from the valley about 5 hours

Nr. 12) Ehrenbachhöhe (1.802 m)

From the Fleckalmbahn valley right at the Brandseitstube and Schochenhof past - on the road in Brandseitgraben uphill towards Low Fleckalm (Lower Fleckalm) - to the forest road to the Upper Fleckalm - in large sweeping rise to Bernhard Chapel - on Ehrenbachhöhensee over to Ehrenbachhöhe - opportunity to further migration (eg, cockscomb, Hochbrunn, Pengelstein, ...) - downhill on foot or with the Fleckalmbahn.
Walking to Ehrenbachhöhe: about 5 hours

No. 15 & 10) Aschauer Trail (1,440 m)

Aschau / Kneippanlage from left in the top reason - after the barrier on the slightly uphill forest road past the Grundalm - at the turnoff to Hierzeggalm / spit nails straight - Klooalm - straight into the pasture area - after the bridge Ragstattalm - through pastures and woodland moderate increase to Seewaldalm (possibility of a direct, steeper descent to Aschau) - to the kruna and Hiesleggalm - on a mountain path gently downhill to the Gasthof Schroll, Pengelstein-1 base station and inn Schirast.
Walking trail total: 6 hours

No. 16) Labalm (1,263 m)

Aschau / Kneippanlage from the right in the lower ground - after the toll barriers on the forest road along the creek - right at the waterfall and left at the Falkenstein rock past - Hintenbachalm - slightly uphill straight ahead - at the junction Labalm over the valley towards Karalm - after the barrier at the bridge right up to Stocker and Angereralm - right down the serpentine mountain path to Labalm - Way back in the Labalm down the forest and Hintenbachalm back to Aschau.
Walking to Labalm: about 3 hours

No. 19) Schwarzkogel (2.030 m)

Aschau behind the Gredwirt steep ascent on the Eagle Walk through the forest - before Seewaldalm crossing the Aschauer Mountain Trail - Ascent via small moss-Niederalm and ruined Upper Kleinmoosalm to Schwarzkogel Charter - Summit rise to Schwarzkogel - descent for experienced, sure-footed hikers: the peak towards the Little Rettenstein - a narrow ridge direction boiler bottom, then right to Stadlbergalm - steep descent in the upper reason to Kloo-Niederalm and back to Aschau. Alternative descent: about Pengelstein, Jufenalm, Hochbrunn, Kaser, Ochsalm and Maierl to Kirchberg or continue to Ehrenbachhöhe and with the Fleckalmbahn the valley.
Walking Aschau - black mountain peaks: about 3 ½ hours
Aschau / Kneippanlage from left in the top reason - after the barrier on the slightly uphill forest road past the Grundalm - at the junction Hierzeggalm / spit nails right - on a scale in a serpentine path through the forest to Hierzeggalm - on the summit trail through alpine flowers remain on the Hierzeggweg and on the forest down to Sonnwendalm - - to spit nails - descent towards Rettensteinjoch - in Hierzegglacke left on the Hierzeggweg back to the pasture in the pasture right on the Falkensteinweg directly down to the lower ground and downhill back to Aschau .
Walking Aschau - Spießnägel: about 3 hours

No. 20) Spießnägel (1.880 m) No. 20 & 21) Großer Rettenstein (2.366 m)

JUST FOR STEP SECURE, EXPERIENCED and SWINDLE FREE MOUNTAIN HIKER! By car on the toll road to the Lower reason to Hintenbachalm - either direct, steep climb through the forest in the Schöntalgraben and along the Schöntalbaches to Schöntalalm or via the forest to Sonnwendalm and continue to Schöntalalm - the Schöntalscherm high to Schöntalquelle (marmots !) - via steep switchbacks uphill - arduous climb over rocky terrain (note: not kick loose stones) - short climb to the summit - descent as ascent!.
Walking to the summit: about 4 ½ hours
Walking into the valley: about 3 ½ hours
Alpine Emergency: 140

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