Im Brixental you find a hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths.

Whether you prefer or prefer to choose a strenuous steep descent with roots studded singletrack a cozy family round on asphalt roads. In front of the beautiful backdrop of the Kitzbühel Alps, we have guaranteed the right thing for you and for all claims!

Route: 20 Leukental (easy route)

Route: Kössen to Jochbergwald
Length: 36.4 km
Difference in altitude: 500 m

Course: From Kössen along the Großache on newly constructed bike path to St. Johann. From here on the valley floor through the fields to Wiesenschwang, Abzweigungsmöglichkeit to Going, continue via the old Römrweg with views of the Wilder Kaiser in the Kitzbühel, Kitzbühel Ache after the Jochberger Herzogenaurach, of longer here Anstige to Jochberg and Jochbergwald. Connections to the RWW Söllandl, limestone, Brixental.

Start: Kössen Altitude at start: 590 m
Goal: Jochbergwald Destination altitude: 1070 m
Lenght: 36.4 km Difference in altitude: 500 m
Difficulty: easy, medium aver. Driving time: 2h 30min

Route: 14 Söllandl (middle route)

Route: Wörgl to St. Johann
Distance: 34 km
Difference in altitude: 547 m

Course: Relaxing route z.T. closed to public traffic routes, mean increases between Wörgl and Söll and Going and St. Johann, frequently through towns with good infrastructure, from Wörgl to Söll about Scheffau at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser through meadows and fields about Ellmau and Going to St. Johann (between Kirchbichl / Bruckhäusl Soll and must be used on short sections of the highway). Connecting to the RWW Inn Valley lowlands, Brixental, Leukental, limestone north and south. The total length of this route bertägt 43.5 km.

Start: Wörgl Altitude at start: 510 m
Goal: St. Johann Destination altitude: 660 m
Lenght: 34 km Difference in altitude: 547 m
Difficulty: medium aver. Driving time: 3h

Route: 224 Resterhöhe-two thousand (difficult route)

Route: Pass Thurn - two thousand - Pass Thurn
Length: 16.5 m
Difference in altitude: 780 m

Course: From the Pass Thurn on the forest for Resterhöhe (several Refreshments) and further on the trail up to two thousand. Magnificent views of the Kitzbühel Alps and the Hohe Tauern. Back on the Hartkaseralm the starting point.

Start: Paß Thurn Starthöhe: 1250 m
Goal: Paß Thurn Zielhöhe: 1250 m
Lenght: 16.5 km Höhenunterschied: 780 m
Difficulty: heavy aver. Driving time: 2h15min

More information about cycling in and around the Brixen Valley are available at the tourism office of Kirchberg.

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