Ski tours

A ski tour offers not only athletic challenge

Get to know the Tyrolean mountains from their original side and!

A ski tour offers not only athletic challenge but also an unforgettable experience, away from the crowds, in and with nature!

From the Spertental to the Brechhorn 2,032 m

Walking time: 3 - 3.5 hours
Difference in altitude: 1,060 m

Description: A wonderful tour with great views of the Grand Venediger and Grossglockner, but you should take immediately after snow richer.

Starting point: When Oberlandhütte or in the parking lots at the beginning of the toll road. Parking below the Oberlandhütte the car park at the toll booth.

Tour description: ascend Immediately after the parking lot at the toll road right across the bridge of Aschauer Ache and relatively steep slopes to the beautiful Durachalm about 1420m. Great circle right now in a wide arc to Durachkogel 1773 m and over the flat back to the Breitlabalm 1898 meters. Next a small junction 30 Hm and the steep Ostrücken to the summit.

Departure: Either as rise, but much more rewarding than the relationship between Breitlabalm and Durachkogel back to Durachalm.

From Aurach to the Gaisberg 1798 m

Difference in altitude: 680 m

Description: An absolute pleasure tour. On most cases by snow or packed snow. Ski Technically not difficult. An absolute pleasure tour. On most cases by snow or packed snow. Ski Technically not difficult.

Starting point: Aurach / wildlife park. Parking at the wildlife park

Tour description: From the deer park on beautiful alpine meadows to the north, then northeast up. Left of the Brandner Alm (1551m) passing up to a height of 1700 m. Not difficult from here to the east over the summit of the great mountain cross.

Departure: As ascent

From the Spertental on the Schwarzkogel 2,030 m

Difference in altitude: 1,057 m

Description: Beautiful not too steep slopes, especially after fresh snow, but must not be too exuberant, since the terrain is not too steep.

Starting point: At the restaurant Gredwirt in Aschau. Parking off street parking Gredwirt after consultation with the landlady!

Tour description: First in the south leads to the way of Aschau, then in an easterly direction until the descent to the runway version Pengelstein. Now a piece of the slopes along the drawing path to Pengelstein. There then copied to Kleinmoosalm terrain and in a wide arc around the ledge. Now, on the southwestern part of the slope on the summit and pre-summit on the most lyricisms ridge to the summit.

Departure: either as the ascent, but in safe conditions, much more rewarding the descent from the summit slope straight down from on the ledge (the one bypasses the ascent in a wide arc), drive around it on the left and ski down the slope to the Kleinmoosalm. Well over undulating terrain to the cat track and from there on the slope to the Gredwirt.

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